The Artisan Candle Subscription

A gift that arrives each month.

Delight your loved ones with a Wicksly candle subscription - a curated candle delivering unique scents in an elegant form.

Scented Luxury Candle

The Good Candle

With Wicksly, you don’t have to worry about saving the "good candle" for special occasions. You can indulge in a luxury candle each and every day.

Our candle embodies simple and elegant luxury. It elevates any room it is placed in.

Handcrafted Each Month

Our hand-poured candles deliver a carefully-crafted scent throw intended to accompany you all month long. Each scent is suited to the month it ships.

Think clean fresh scents in spring, breezy garden scents in the summer, spicy autumnal scents in the fall and warmth and cozy scents in the winter.

Scented Luxury Candle

How It Works

What it is like to receive a Wicksly candle

Wicksly Gift Holiday Card

While our candles ship at the start of each month. We ship a Wicksly holiday card directly to you that you can give in person or place in a stocking.

Personalized Handwritten Note

Your gift message will be handwritten on a Wicksly card and sent with your first candle.

New Scent Each Month

At the start of each month, we'll send a curated Wicksly candle with a scent that matches the month's seasonal phase.

Elegant Vessel Each Month

Each month's scent is poured into the Wicksly glass vessel. Wicksly candles don't impose on a space, they elevate any room they are placed in.

Scented Luxury Candle

See our different holiday gift packages and purchase the perfect gift for the candle lover in your life.

Get Started
Our Gift Boxes

We ship one gift-wrapped candle per month for three, six or twelve month durations. Each month we ship a different seasonally scented candle.

Wicksly Three Month Gift Box
Three Months
$ 60 USD

Everything you need to delight with luxurious scented candles.

  • Three Wicksly candles in one purchase
  • Unique and curated scents
  • Hand-written gift note
  • Free Shipping
Wicksly Three Month Gift Box
Six Months
$ 120 USD

Gift a journey of scents for the candle lover in your life.

  • Six Wicksly candles in one purchase
  • Unique and curated scents
  • Hand-written gift note
  • Spans multiple seasons
  • Free Shipping
Wicksly Three Month Gift Box
Twelve Months
$ 240 USD

The perfect gift to spoil you favorite candle lover.

  • Twelve Wicksly candles in one purchase
  • Unique and curated scents
  • Hand-written gift note
  • Spans multiple seasons
  • Arrives every month for a year
  • One month included for free
  • Free Shipping

Want to go month-to-month? See all plans.

What Past Gift Givers Say

Don't take our word for it, see what our customers that have given the gift of Wicksly have to say.

I gave my mom a subscription to Wicksly for Mother’s Day and she absolutely loved the first month. The best part of Wicksly is that I had to sign up once for a 6 month subscription, and Wicksly does all of the hard work for me. I’ll probably give Wicksly as a gift more often.

Ryan F.

My sister is obsessed with candles and she LOVED her Wicksly subscription. Each month something new arrived and I got a text as soon as it arrived. "Glowing" reviews all around from her.

Elizabeth S.

This is a gift subscription, and I have heard nothing but great reviews about each candle as they are received and lit.

Kevin B.

Simplicity & Elegance Each Month

Candles suitable for the office and home

An elegant candle that compliments the office and home.

Wicksly candles are simple and elegant

The original Wicksly design is a clean and simple form that fits into every setting, motif and decor.

A 5 ounce candle with a 40 hour burn time

A 5 oz Candle with a 40-hour burn time. Arrives each month with a set of Wicksly matches.

Small But Mighty

A Wicksly candle is 5 ounces. It has a 40-hour burn time and an excellent scent throw for the size. It is an elegant addition and elevates any room.

A small but mighty monthly candle

The Perfect Holiday Gift

The perfect holiday candle gift

Purchase Wicksly for a friend or loved one and it arrives each month for three, six or twelve months.