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Blown away by great scents

I'm a big candle fan absolutely love it when my Wicksly box arrives each month. Love the concept and the packaging is a treat each month.

So homey!

Love this candle and the fragrance is outstanding! Will buy more!

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay
Mallory and Sam Ellis Mallory and Sam Ellis

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay

Wicksly 3 Month Pre-Pay
Madeline Ingleby
Love This!

These candles smell so good! I can't wait to receive my next candle!


It was a nice Christmas gift to receive a candle every month , but the scents weren’t strong enough for me

Wicksly 3 Month Pre-Pay
Heather Cimorelli
Good scent

The scent is nice, this is a gift for a few months. I like the surprise, they are small.

Good gift

I purchased the subscription as a gift and the recipient thoroughly loved them.

Perfect gift

This was the perfect gift to give each month!

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay
Bridgit McManus Bridgit McManus

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay

Great gift

This subscription was a birthday gift from my daughter & granddaughters. I really enjoyed getting them and using them!

Wicksly 6 Month Pre-Pay
Kim Matelski Kim Matelski
Love Wicksly!! What a wonderful gift!

Purchased for me as a Mother’s Day gift, I had never heard of Wicksly before and I absolutely loved loved loved the candles! They burn so beautifully & smell wonderful! I truly look forward to getting them each month!

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay
Maranda Leggs Maranda Leggs
Great service and price for the quality, just not much variety

I have two different candle services with different benefits to both. This service is nice because it’s very professional, comes in a very cute box with a set of matching matches every time, and is always the same consistent look. The only downside is that most of the scents tend to be in the same range of scents (slightly floral, very light and what I would call ‘bathroom’ kind of smells, which is NOT bad in ANY way! They just aren’t super robust or strong like I would want for the living room). I wish there was a way to get a variety of scents every month, to go with the seasons and everything. But the candles themselves are perfect and I highly recommend them!

Wicksly 12 Month Pre-Pay
Sandra Miller Sandra Miller
Given As A Gift

This was a great gift given to me by my daughter. It was something I’d never get for myself. Most of the fragrances were terrific; a few were too strong. I’d highly recommend this for anyone interested in candles.

Wicksly Monthly Subscription
Lucille Sulecki Lucille Sulecki

I love every single one that I have received. The fragrances are wonderful and they fill the room . The packaging is great now to.

Solves the problem

Candles are something that I always want to have but don’t always remember to buy. Wicksly solves that problem for me with it being a monthly delivery. The first month’s scent and presentation was on point.

I burn it every night

I always like to have a few candles that I light every evening around the house. The Wicksly candle is one that I light every night. Can’t wait for the next one to arrive!

Mom loved it

I gave my mom a subscription to Wicksly for Mother’s Day and she absolutely loved the first month. The best part of Wicksly is that I had to sign up once for a 6 month subscription, and Wicksly does all of the hard work for me. I’ll probably give Wicksly as a gift more often.

I was hesitant to order a candle online without smelling it

It is safe to say that my concerns were completely unfounded. My first candle was the “Date Night” scent, and it smelled incredible! The presentation and delivery of the candle was super cute. Wicksly definitely hits the mark, especially for gifts. I would happily recommend to any and all candle lovers.

High quality - well worth it!

I love the high quality candle that I get every month. No fake smelling or tacky scents - just pure natural smelling fun delivered to my house each month! Great way to treat yourself/mom/friend/etc.

Great candles!

This is a gift subscription, and I have heard nothing but great reviews about each candle as they are received and lit.

Oh my!

I received the Cracklin' Burch for November. It is absolutely delish. I wish you could smell it now. It's perfection for a winter candle. The presentation of the box is beautiful. It even comes with matches that light perfectly every time. Good job Wicksly!

Good candles fast delivery

I like the smell of the candles and the delivery was fast, but I think it would be better to receive 2 different scents, rather than 2 of the same scent.

Lovely, quality candles

I bought a 3-month subscription as a birthday present for a dear friend and she loved every candle. She said all three candles smelled very nice and were of good quality.

So good!

The candle is so richly scented and smells amazing! I can't wait to burn it! I look forward to my next one!