5 Best Scented Candles Everyone Should Own

Selecting the perfect scented candle can be a stressful experience. Learn exactly how to pick a scented candle in this article from Wicksly!


There’s something about the way that the human body associates smells with memories that’s just remarkable. From our favorite dishes in the kitchen to the smell of the ocean to the memory of the first time you got off a plane in a new place, smells are something we can all enjoy and tie memories to.

The idea of scents making a connection inside your brain is a pretty exciting concept, and there’s a reason that we all turn to candles for comfort. However, selecting the best candle for your space can be challenging because there are thousands of scents out there! Let’s cover some of the absolute best-scented candles for any occasion, learn a bit about candles, and discover how you can transform your home into an escape from the craziness of life.


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Why Use Candles In The First Place?

There’s a long-standing debate between people who use candles and people who use air fresheners, and both groups of people are convinced that they are both in the right. But at the end of the day, candles and air freshener have two completely different uses anyway.

However, there is one major benefit to using candles over air freshener: chemicals. If you use air fresheners, you risk releasing toxins and chemicals into the environment of your home, which can over time have a negative effect on your health.

Candles are an excellent way to create an atmosphere of comfort, beauty, and relaxing scents that waft gently into every room and can dispel a lot of negativity. It’s hard to be angry when you’re lighting a candle!

What Is The History Of Candle Making

Before you make a decision about which candles to buy and what to use them for, it might be fun to learn a little bit about where they came from! At their origin, candles were actually used primarily as a light source rather than for any other purpose.

Early civilizations created candles using waxes from plants and insects. For example, early colonial groups in North America took advantage of beeswax readily available in certain parts of the continent to create their candles, whereas most European cultures created their candles from rendered animal fat or tallow.

It was not until the late nineteenth century with the invention of the lightbulb that candles were viewed as more of a decorative addition to a home. Candles began to become an art form, a way to express your personality, and a way for people to create a scent throughout their home that made them feel comfortable.

How Do You Pick A Candle Scent?

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and you can buy scented candles at what seems like every store in the world. Walk into a department store, and you’re greeted by about a hundred different sizes, shapes, colors, and scents. Picking one can feel like the most difficult process ever!

Thankfully, it’s easier than you think to narrow down to some of the best possible scents. Let’s break down some of the most popular and most widely versatile scents of candles to hopefully make your decision a little bit easier.

  1. Clean Air Scent: This candle can be a bit tricky because the term clean air can describe such a wide variety of scents, but the general concept here is to find a candle that really makes your space feel and smell fresh, light, and airy. Trust us; they can really transform your mood and add that extra bit of cleansing that you need. Crisp linen, clean cotton, and other variants on these are excellent options.
  2. Lavender: Not only is lavender one of the absolute most amazing scents available in candle form, but it’s also full of tons of benefits that make it so special. When lavender is used in aromatherapy, people say that it creates a calming aura, can help reduce stressful feelings, and helps them fall asleep faster.
  3. A Holiday Scent: Depending on the time of year, a holiday-themed scent can turn your regular living room into a winter wonderland! Pick something with a Christmas tree scent, something peppermint, or just something that reminds you of your favorite Christmas dessert. Any of the above can be a charming way to instantly transport yourself to your favorite holiday memory.
  4. For the spring, you can pick something with a little more of a floral note. Go with your favorite flower, and maybe combine it with a fruity, citrus scent for something that will create a spring oasis in your living spaces.
  5. Finally, you can always explore something that you would love on your own! It doesn’t have to fit into a category. It doesn’t have to even be popular. Pick a flavor profile that you love and find a scent that matches, or think of a scent that reminds you of a particular positive emotion, and just fill your home with it!

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, hopefully, it will help you discover exactly what you want your home to smell like and help you pick some of the best candles for you. If you’re still struggling, something like a fragrance wheel (also known as a scent wheel) can be a great way to help you select scents!

What Is A Scent Wheel?

A scent wheel (also known as a fragrance wheel) dives into the science behind aromas and smells to create a relationship diagram between different kinds of smells in a way that really helps select complementing notes. Some diagrams are divided into different sections, such as floral notes, fresh notes, and woody notes, in an attempt to make sense of how complicated related smells are.

They are arranged in such a way that the groups that border one another in the diagram are implied to share common olfactory (scent) characteristics.

Why Choose Wicksly?

If selecting the best scent is difficult for you, and you’re looking to create the perfect space in your home, turn to the experts at Wicksly, who can select your scent for you in a monthly subscription of elegant, hand-poured candles. Our carefully-crafted scent profile is intended to accompany you all month long to create the best possible environment in your home!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, the scent you choose to fill your home with is entirely up to you. Creating a space you can unwind in, relax in, and enjoy is essential, so make sure you take the time to select scents that you really love.

And if you need suggestions or run out of ideas, Wicksly can help make sure that the home you adore is always stocked with the most perfect and elegant of scents available. So don’t let the stress of designing the perfect olfactory profile deter you from creating something you can enjoy, and let us handle everything with a wide selection of your favorite scents delivered right to your door.

Because smells can unlock so much of your subconscious, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to indulge in a beautiful scent all month long.





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