Candle Color Meanings: What Do Different Candle Colors Mean?

Maybe you’ve heard of the color code of roses. But did you know that candle colors all mean something slightly different? Read on for everything you need to know.

Whether we think the color of our candles means something or not, symbolism is not tangible. Symbolism is emotional and whether or not it’s *real* is simply irrelevant. To all our witchy sisters and warlock brothers, the color of your candles means something substantial. Here’s the breakdown of all the different colored candles and what they symbolize.

Candles are driven by the element of fire, which represents transformation. If that’s not a cool enough concept, the range of varying candle colors is also representative. Let us explain.


Every Color Has a Meaning

Candle symbolism is based on color therapy and color psychology. This is a science that espouses that different colors affect our brains in different ways based on the color frequency and the processes our brains undergo to perceive and visualize it. There’s a reason sale signs are in red; red indicates a sense of urgency in our minds. A similar theory is applied behind the belief in candle color symbolism.

In addition to the way the scent of the candle makes us feel mentally and emotionally, some believe the candle’s color has an impact on us, promoting certain things in our life.

  • White: Symbolizes the enhancement of personal strength and insight as well as promoting internal peace and serenity. Destroys negative energy and clears the mind for the presence of truth and purity.
  • Purple: Promotes tranquility, wisdom, and spiritual awareness.
  • Black: Opens your third eye and promotes the protection of your mental psyche. Repels negative energy from outside sources.
  • Green: Helps to amplify prosperity and helps foster creativity, and brings your ideas to life.
  • Blue: Connects your chakras, helping emotional wounds to heal. Promotes inspiration, happiness, fidelity, and open communication.
  • Green: Promotes fertility, abundance, health, success, and luck.
  • Yellow: Increases your sociability and enhances your networking skills, promoting new career opportunities. Helps to manifest thoughts, confidence, and mental clarity.
  • Red: Promotes sex, passion, love, and courage.
  • Pink: Welcoming love both for self and others. Promotes joy, friendship, and harmony.
  • Orange: Encourages your motivation and ambition, promotes broadening your horizon and trying new things.
  • Brown: Promotes health, endurance, and courage.
  • Silver: Feminine energy and psychic development.
  • Gold: Male energy and fortune.

Colors for Healing

In addition to what candle’s colors symbolize to promote in your life, there are also beliefs that certain candle colors can induce healing for a range of physical and mental ailments.

  • Allergies? Light a purple candle
  • Anxiety? Light a pink candle
  • Cold? Light a green candle
  • Depressed? Light an orange candle
  • Can’t sleep? Light a blue candle
  • Headache? Light a green candle

Seeking Happiness?

As much as the candle’s color is believed to impact you emotionally, aromatherapy is also practiced across all cultures. For example, citrus scents like grapefruit, lemon, and orange can all increase mental alertness and improve mood.

Searching for Love?

According to the candle color meaning guide, red and pink candles promote love and sexuality as well as self-love and appreciation. Couple a red or pink candle with a vanilla, jasmine, or rose aroma, and you’ve got a recipe for a romantic evening, whether it's going to be with a partner or yourself.

Need a Good Night’s Rest?

Some people have insomnia due to thoughts that cause them stress and worry. These worries are often caused by emotional trauma and unhealed wounds that have yet to be properly tended to. Light a blue candle, believed to combat insomnia, with the scent of lavender. Lavender is a therapeutic essential oil that helps induce feelings of calm and soothes anxiety. The perfect combination for a restful sleep.

Struggling To Meet a Deadline?

If you are continuously finding yourself behind on your workload, whether studying for exams or preparing for a work meeting, consider a yellow or orange candle with a citrus scent. Yellow candles increase your networking abilities and social skills, while orange candles increase motivation. Double up with a citrus scent that promotes alertness and mental clarity, and you’ve got a recipe for checking all the items off your to-do list.


Whether you play into the symbolism of candle color or not, one thing you can’t argue is manifestation. When you envision something you desire and speak it out to the universe, at the very least, you are getting clear on what it is you actually want.

Simply stating out loud what you want to happen can help you further realize your goals and dreams and help you figure out what you must do to achieve them, making them a reality.

Make it a Ritual

A ritual is simply something you do with intention. Just like you have your skincare ritual or your morning journal entry ritual, lighting your favorite candle can be a ritual too. From the color you choose or the scent that brings you peace, lighting a candle is an act of self-love and care, and you deserve it.

To be sure you always have a candle on hand or have a variety of candles to choose from: one for every mood, event, or task on your life’s agenda, consider a candle subscription. Curated personally to your unique taste and made with soy wax and essential oils, you’ll have a candle delivered to your doorstep monthly -- and more importantly, always there when you need it.

Since you’re considering making candle burning a habitual practice in your daily life, be sure you are choosing candles that don’t emit carcinogens and are safe for your health. Opt for candles made with soy wax instead of paraffin wax that contains toxins.

Making Meaning

Candles and the colors they come in are much more than meets the eye. The color of your candle is more meaningful than simply what compliments your bathroom or living room decor. Consider what the color of your candle stands for next time you go shopping for a candle. Take advantage of what your candle symbolizes and light it each time with purpose and intention.


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