Our 10 Favorite Candle Snuffer Designs

Candle snuffers are a functional tool for any candle-lover to use. Blowing out your candles can lead to smoky, soot-filled rooms. Learn more about snuffers from Wicksly.

Anyone who has ever lit a candle has also had to put one out. Did you know that blowing a candle out is actually one of the worst ways to extinguish the flame? Instead, candle snuffers are often used to put out candles safely and effectively. We’re counting down the top ten snuffer designs that you can get to elevate your candle experience.


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What Is A Candle Snuffer?

The candle snuffer was invented by Christopher Pinchbeck in 1776 and was patented in England. Back then, the device looked more like a pair of scissors than anything else. His original idea was to snip the tip of the wick to minimize soot, although now they’re mainly just used to put out the flame.

Candle snuffers were often made out of copper, brass, or pewter. They were also usually engraved and made into a piece of artwork. This tradition continues today, as many snuffers come in unique patterns and designs.

Why Use A Candle Snuffer?

Using a candle snuffer might seem unnecessary, but they allow you to extinguish tall candles without blowing hot wax all over the place. They can be used for any type of candle and have been around for centuries. Candle snuffers also eliminate a lot of the smoke that appears after blowing out a candle.

In general, candle snuffers are made to look like bells attached to a long handle. The bell is placed over the flame until the fire is completely gone. You don’t need to submerge the bell into the wax, simply hover the bell over the surface. You should also avoid touching the snuffer afterward, as it will be extremely hot.

10 Candle Snuffer Designs

When it comes to the design and art style of candle snuffers, the sky's the limit. Since these devices have been around for so long, they’ve had a long time to advance and expand in their creativity. Here are a few of our favorites!

  1. Birdhouse snuffer: Perfect for any nature lover and a wonderful addition to any small cottage in the woods.
  2. Matte black snuffer: A minimalistic snuffer design for those who don’t like to be flashy.
  3. Angel snuffer: Makes for a great gift to your grandparent to remind them of you.
  4. Eiffel Towel snuffer: If you like to display your candle snuffer, this design turns something functional into a piece of decor for your home.
  5. Rose snuffer: Flower lovers will enjoy this natural-looking snuffer complete with petals, leaves, and thorns.
  6. Two-in-one snuffer: This design combines a wick trimmer and snuffer into one for a compact and functional tool.
  7. Heart-shaped key snuffer: Hang up your snuffer with your keychains so that you never lose it.
  8. Bamboo snuffer: Lightweight and beautiful, made with a porcelain bell and a bamboo handle, this snuffer is sure to delight.
  9. Bee hive snuffer: A delightful hive-shaped bell with a golden bee, how fun!
  10. Crystal snuffer: Ideal for people who love to use candles in meditation and spiritual practices.

Candle Safety

There’s more to candle safety and efficiency than just snuffers. Using candles safely is incredibly important to keep you and your family safe from a potential house fire. Here are some tips when burning candles.

  • Keep your wick trimmed to ¼ inch when burning your candle. This avoids overheating and excess smoke. You can use a wick trimmer for the best results.
  • The first time you light your candle, allow the entire top layer to become liquid and evenly burn. This will prevent tunneling from occurring.
  • Don’t burn your candle for longer than three hours at a time. When your candle has ½ an inch of wax left, it’s time to find a new one.
  • Make sure your wick is centered and upright after extinguishing your flame.
  • Protect your surfaces wherever you decide to place your candles.
  • Don’t leave your candles burning near pets, drafts, or children. Try to keep candles on higher shelves or desks that are out of reach.
  • Never leave your candle unattended in another room. Chances are that you’ll forget about it.

Use A Candle Snuffer For Wicksly Candles

If you’re going to be using something as elegant and tasteful as a candle snuffer, why not buy candles to match? Upping your candle game will impress house guests and give you room to branch out to new scents.

Wicksly gives you soy wax candles each month of the year, delivered to your door. Our subscription box features a different scent every month to fit the season of the year. Think clean, fresh scents in spring, breezy garden scents in the summer, spicy autumnal scents in the fall, and warmth and coziness in the winter.

Our candles are made with non-toxic wax, hand-poured in the USA. They are also a renewable resource that supports the American farm industry and retains a strong scent while you burn them. Soy wax can burn for three times longer than paraffin wax candles can.

Wicksly offers a subscription service model for an indulgent experience. Why not invest in good candles that last? Our candles burn for up to 40 hours, so by the time you’re done with one, the next one is on its way.

Candle Subscription Boxes

You might be wondering why someone would want to subscribe to a candle box each month. Well, here are a few reasons to convince you:

  • Convenience - Leaving the house to buy candles is not something that everyone has time for. Spending two or three hours in a crowded mall is a huge hassle. Wicksly allows you to finish your candle shopping within minutes.
  • Quality - Shopping for a candle in the store leaves you to wonder what the quality of the wax is. At face value, it might look like a decent candle, but once you get home to light it, the wax burns unevenly. Every candle at Wickly is checked for quality assurance.
  • Sensory overload - Let’s face it, smelling every candle when you walk into a store is overwhelming. Salespeople crowding you and crying children can be a sensory nightmare. Why not find luxury candles from the comfort of your couch?
  • Curated Scents - The scents that you want are always out of stock or discontinued. With Wicksly, every month’s scent is carefully curated for the season to match your mood.
  • You Can Be Adventurous - Trying a candle box allows you experience new aromas that you’ve never smelt before. This is a wonderful way to find your new favorite again and again.

The Bottom Line

One of the most crucial steps for burning a candle is how you put out the flame. This is something that a lot of people miss and end up doing wrong for their entire lives. Investing in a candle snuffer is the best way to effectively put out your candle with minimal wax fallout or smell.

So don’t forget to get yourself a candle snuffer with a gorgeous design after signing up for Wicksly! It only takes minutes to get started, and you’ll receive your first candle at the beginning of the month!


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