Stop Using Scissors: 5 Reasons A Candle Wick Trimmer Is The Way To Go

You may be trimming your candle wicks wrong and not even know it. Learn more about wick trimmers and why you should use them from Wicksly.

Anyone who loves candles will tell you that they require a bit of maintenance. If you want your candle to last as long as possible, it’s crucial to take the steps that are required for this to happen, which includes trimming your wick.

It’s surprising that many people fail to remember that wick trimming is an essential part of burning a candle. But no one teaches you this kind of thing in school, so you have to get your information from somewhere else. We’re here to tell you all about wick trimmers and why you should be using them. Scissors are for rookies, and you are better than that!


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The Importance Of Wick Trimming

There are several reasons that trimming your wicks is an essential part of burning a candle. Have you ever wondered why sometimes blowing out your candle triggers your smoke alarm? Or you get that intense smoky smell that overwhelms the aroma of the candle? This is often caused by a wick that is too long and has created a build-up of carbon.

The wax in candles evaporates faster than the wick burns away, which means that after a couple of burns, you’re left with a lot more wick than wax. When you trim your wick, you also get a better scent throw from the candle when it's burning. The scent diffusion is a lot more evenly dispersed when the wick isn’t abnormally long.

Shorter wicks also make for a safer candle. Long wicks can create huge flames, which can be dangerous, especially in locations near flammable materials. Shorter wicks can also prevent mushrooming and remove the build-up of carbon from the candle surface.

Why Not Use Scissors?

To put it simply, scissors were just not designed to handle trimming candle wicks. Their structure makes it difficult to reach the wick in the jar and makes it difficult to avoid debris. Leaving candlewick debris in your candle will also disrupt even burning of the candle wax.

Candlewick trimmers are designed like scissors, but with a small plate built-in at the tip. This allows you to trim your wick cleanly and without debris fallout. They also feature a curved shape which allows you to use a trimmer in any deep or small candle jar.

Reasons To Use A Wick Trimmer

Still not convinced? Here are a couple of reasons to use a wick trimmer in the future:

  1. It’s easier - Who doesn’t love convenience?
  2. It’s safer - Avoids debris and cuts the wick cleanly.
  3. It’s sophisticated - Impress your guests with a wick trimmer, so they know you’re serious about your candles.
  4. You get a better burn time - The longer your candle lasts, the more you get to enjoy it.
  5. You’ll have a brighter candle - You’ll get more illumination from a trimmed wick for a brighter burn.

You can buy a wick trimmer online from many different retailers. They come in various designs and styles to suit your needs. They’re relatively affordable and make for a great investment.

When To Trim Your Candle Wicks

If you’re new to the world of candles, here are a couple of beginner’s tips. Try to trim your candle before each use. Trim the wick to about ¼ inch before you light it. This will allow your candle to burn safely and brightly for as long as you want.

How To Trim Candles With Trimmers

When it’s time to trim your wick, wait until it’s at room temperature. Never try to trim a wick that was just lit because you could easily burn yourself. Before you light your candle, remove any debris on the wax.

Place your wick trimmer handle on the inside of the jar and bring the blades parallel to the wax. It’s usually time to replace your candle when there is half an inch of wax left in your jar. Never want to run out of candles? Try Wicksly, a candle subscription service delivered to your door.

Wicksly Candles

Finding the ideal candle can be a hassle. Going to the candle store is always overwhelming and frustrating when you find out they discontinued your favorite scent. Instead, why not subscribe to Wicksly? We can send you a brand new 100% soy-wax candle every month that you’ll love. We curate the best scents to correlate with each season and they arrive right at your doorstep.

Signing up is easy, simply subscribe on our site and choose your plan, fill out your information for shipping, then sit back and wait for your candle box. We ship out your candle at the beginning of the month, as long as you sign up before the 25th of the previous month. You can enjoy your candle all month long because Wicksly candles have a 40 hours burn time.

Our wax formula is non-toxic, natural, and made in the USA. It supports the American farm industry and uses soy wax, which burns three times as long as paraffin candles.

Other Candle Burning Tips

We want you to have the best possible candle experience at Wicksly, so here are some tips for burning a candle.

  • Let the wax melt all the way across the jar when you burn it. This takes about three to four hours the first time. This allows the wax to pool evenly and it will continue to do so afterward in this pattern. Doing this will avoid tunneling in your candle jar.
  • Keep the flame away from moving air if possible. Drafts and fans cause uneven burning and lead to many problems for your candle down the line. This can even be dangerous in certain situations.
  • Choose your candle wisely. Certain types of wax have better scent throw, burn times, and are better or worse for the environment. Pay attention to the type of wax that a candle uses and whether or not it is non-toxic.
  • Don’t give up on your candles that have burned improperly. There is still a chance to save them! You can use a hairdryer to even out your wax or even put it in the oven for about five minutes (as long as the vessel is oven-safe). This will melt the wax all the way across the top, making it smooth and level again.
  • Don’t burn your candle for longer than four to six hours. Any longer than that and your candle might overheat and completely liquify. You should also keep any lit candle within eyesight for safety.
  • Stop blowing out your candles! This spreads small particles of ash into the air that can get stuck in the wax. You can either buy a candle snuffer or use the lid of the candle that it came with. This will smother the flame more effectively.
  • Reuse your empty candle jars! Even if you don’t like making candles, use them for something else crafty, like a pencil holder or a planter.

The Bottom Line

There’s no doubt about it, wick trimmers are the way to go for increased safety, burn time, and sophistication. Next time you open up your Wicksly box, be sure to use a wick trimmer for the best candle experience!


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