What Are Clean Burning Candles?

Toxic candles are a lot more common than you think. Read more about the dangers of paraffin wax and soot from Wicksly.


Often, people look for the most cost-effective option when it comes to something like candle shopping. Of course, we don’t blame you because everyone loves a bargain. But did you know that shopping for cheap candles might be dangerous? Let’s talk about candle burning safety and how quality candles could save your life.


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Types Of Wax Used In Candles

Two of the most popular types of wax are paraffin and soy. Both of these options are found in most of the candles throughout the modern world and are considered the standard these days. There are a few differences between these two types of wax, however.

Paraffin wax is usually inexpensive and made from saturated hydrocarbons. It’s traditionally made with the remnants of the oil refinement process. It’s still quite popular amongst certain brands of candles, even though it has damaging effects on the environment and your health.

Soy wax, on the other hand, is made from soybean oil. This type of wax is extremely versatile and also is clean burning. This means that there are no toxic fumes released into the air when burning a soy wax candle.

Dangers Of Paraffin

During the dewaxing process of crude oil, paraffin wax is formed and then processed with bleach to create candles. This type of wax is not only found in candles, but in cosmetics, wax paper, and polishes too.

Burning paraffin wax candles give off fumes like benzene and toluene. These fumes have been linked to health issues like cancer and asthma. If you light a paraffin wax candle in an area that isn’t properly ventilated, it could irritate the skin and cause respiratory problems too.

This type of wax is not only harmful to your body but is also bad for the environment. It’s non-renewable and also not sustainable. Not to mention, paraffin wax has a higher melting point, making it burn faster than soy wax candles.

As if you need more reasons to avoid paraffin wax, the fragrances used in these candles are almost always artificial. While this might not seem so bad at first glance, as these fragrances burn, they release phthalates, which are basically harmful toxins that you’re inhaling and absorbing through your skin—no thank you!

Dangers Of Soot

Soot is the black substance that usually sits on the rim of the candle. You’ll know if your candle produces heavy amounts of soot if it comes off on your fingers when you touch the container. This soot can also cause discoloration to objects in your home after a long period.

Studies have shown that inhaling soot from a paraffin wax candle is similar to inhaling second-hand cigarette smoke. This poses health risks for you and your family that could result in tragedy down the line.

The Difference At Wicksly

The candles made at Wicksly are 100% clean-burning soy wax. They don’t give off soot, and they are free of harmful toxins. Each candle is non-toxic and lead-free so that you never have to worry. Best of all, they’re also phthalate-free, because we use essential oils for our scents.

Each one of our candles is carefully hand-poured and made in the USA. The soy wax that we use supports the American farm industry too. Soy wax is known to burn up to 3 times as long as paraffin candles. Wicksly’s candles are tested for quality assurance before being sent out to your homes.

At Wicksly, we never want to worry about what’s in your candles. We believe you should be able to enjoy luxury at a reasonable price. Allowing yourself to indulge in a good candle whenever you feel like it will bring a smile to your face, guaranteed.

Why Clean Burning Candles Are Important

Even if you were to toss aside non-clean burning candles’ health concerns, there are still ethical dilemmas to deal with. Soy wax is sourced responsibly and is an eco-conscious alternative to paraffin wax.

You should never sacrifice your conscience or your health for a good deal. We know there are some luxuries that aren’t worth the money, but candles are non-negotiable.

Safety Concern

Although soy wax candles are better for your health, there are still certain precautions you should take when burning them. The first thing to consider is burning a candle in an area that is well ventilated but not drafty. You don’t want the smoke to become trapped in the room, but you also don’t want the air to unevenly burn the candle or snuff it out.

The next tip for burning candles is to never leave them unattended. This means that if you are leaving the candle for more than five minutes, you should probably blow it out. Make sure the lit part of the wick has completely stopped glowing before leaving.

Finally, this might seem obvious but keep candles away from flammable things. This includes curtains, couches, carpets, bookshelves, etc. You should also make sure your candle is out of reach for small children and pets.

Best Way To Burn A Candle

Now that you know which type of candle is best to burn, you should probably think about candle maintenance. To keep your candle burning for as long as possible, you have to keep up with the wick, wax, and container.

Every time you burn your candle, you should trim your wick. You want it to be ¼ inch long to burn optimally. To do this, you can use scissors, nail clippers, or a wick trimmer. When you trim your wick, your candle will produce a brighter flame.

When you light your candle, don’t blow it out until the wax melts all the way across the surface area of the candle. If you don’t let it fully pool, it will create a tunnel effect, sinking your wick into the wax deeper and deeper. Eventually, the wick will become so far down that it will be impossible to light.

If you are buying a single wick candle, make sure it has a diameter of 4 inches or less. Candles with a larger diameter than 4 inches with one wick will not melt evenly. Furthermore, disturbing the flame too often will create black marks on the glass from the airflow.

Wicksly Makes Candles Simple

Not only do Wicksly candles cleanly burn, but they also take all the hassle out of candle shopping. Each month Wicksly delivers a new candle to your doorstep that’s been carefully curated for the season. Every time you receive a candle from Wicksly, it will be 100% soy wax, non-toxic, and lead-free so that you can have peace of mind.

The Wrap Up

When it comes to your safety and the safety of your family, never sacrifice for a candle. Make sure the candles that you purchase won’t cause any health concerns for your loved ones. Try a Wicksly subscription today for the best clean burning experience.


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