Glow Your Home This Season: 11 Scents Every Home Needs

There are an endless amount of candle scents perfect for the spring season. Read more about some of the best ones from Wicksly.


There really is no occasion that can’t be made better with a candle. There’s a scent for every mood, every moment, and every season. The right candle can be the difference between a good dinner party and a great one. So, as springtime quickly approaches, let’s take a look at some of the best scents to have in your home.


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How Candles Tie Into Seasons

You can’t deny that candles evoke emotion when they are lit. The smells can transport us to another place and time through the power of our noses. That’s why buying candles that coordinate with the current season can be so much fun. We love to surround ourselves with familiar smells that bring us joy and remind us of the life going on around us.

During the spring, everything is new. Flowers begin to bloom, and animals come out of hibernation from the cold winter. It’s a time for rebirth and finding new passions. Why not find some new candles to enjoy?

Scents For Spring

When it comes to choosing scents, it’s worth paying attention to something called a “scent wheel.” This is a tool that can help you find the perfect fragrance, and perfumers and candle crafters make great use of it when designing new smells. Basically, the wheel is divided into four categories: fresh, floral, oriental, and woody, and it works almost like a color wheel. Within each of these categories, there are specific scents that work together and tie into that category.

There are endless amounts of springtime candle scents. The possibilities are endless because spring reminds us of so many beautifully smelling things. When it comes to spring, floral and fresh scents, occasionally accompanied by woody hints, tend to give us the most seasonal feel. Flowers, fruit, and other plants are some of the best examples of scents for the spring. Here are a few of our favorites worth mentioning.

1. Citrus

Citrus is a scent that can instantly boost your mood. Fresh fruits like oranges, lemons, and limes bring back memories of summer vacations and being a kid. Exciting notes of citrus in a candle can make you feel like you’re enjoying a nice cold glass of lemonade. This scent pairs well with florals and earthy aromas.

2. Lavender

Lavender is a universally loved scent for candles, soaps, and perfumes. This fragrance has a unique and purifying effect, just like the flower itself. It’s perfect for relaxing in a nice hot bath after a long day. Lavender pairs nicely with sweet smells, like vanilla.

3. Garden Rose

One of the best smells of spring is a garden full of flowers. Roses are particularly stunning and evoke feelings of romance for many. We all know the saying about smelling the roses, and we think that you definitely should.

The smell of roses is relaxing and restoring as it encourages us to breathe it all in slowly. Did you know that a rose’s perfume becomes stronger right before a storm starts?

4. Lily

Lilies have a lovely clove-like smell when they blossom. They offer an exquisite perfume that can transport you into tropical climates and lift your spirit. The floral aroma is crisp and sweet just like honey on your lips.

5. White Sage

White sage can transform any home with its refreshing scent. The smell of sage brings coolness, and it’s often used in tea, incense, and essential oils. People like to burn sage to bring happiness and good energy to their spaces.

6. Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a fruit and warm fragrance with hints of citrus hidden within it. It’s nectarous and sweet, just like honey itself. What better way to ring in spring than with the thought of bees pollinating the wildflowers and bringing beauty to the Earth?

7. Floral And Vanilla

One of the most popular candle smells involves these two scents, especially when it comes to spring. The combination of vanilla and any type of flowers brings comfort and peace to those who smell it. Vanilla reminds us of sweet foods and its musky aroma brings warmth to mind. It’s basically the perfect combination.

8. Fresh Linen

Who doesn’t love to smell clean sheets? The smell of fabric softener and fresh linens are like a dream. Spring reminds us of all things new and replenished, just like freshly washed clothes. It’s a cool uplifting blend of cotton and crisp air.

9. Juniper

Juniper is an exciting fragrance with just a touch of pine to it. It’s slightly bitter yet fresh and very powerful. Juniper berries usually take about three years to fully ripen and are distilled using steam. Juniper is often used to help with sore muscles as aromatherapy, making this a scent that not only smells refreshing but can also have some practical benefits.

10. Patchouli

Patchouli smells slightly earthy and is often used as a base scent in perfumes and candles. It’s slightly sweet and intoxicating with a dark musky profile. This aroma is great for spring, especially when combined with florals or citrus scents.

11. Mint

Mint is a surprisingly fitting fragrance for spring. It’s spicy and refreshing at the same time which is perfect for welcoming guests into your home during this season. It’s a herb usually used for tea and cooking but it has many other uses. This aroma can be burned on its own or combined with lemon or orange for a completely new experience.

12. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is an exotic and rich aroma that evokes mystery and delight. Sandalwood provides something a little different than the other scents on this list. It creates an unexpected and less traditional candle for springtime.

13. Rainfall

How could we forget the smell of the air after rain in the spring? It’s a scent that no one forgets and inspires woody and full-bodied notes of grass and the clouds from which the rains fall.

Wicksly Delivers Seasonal Scents

At Wicksly, every scent that shows up at your door is designed to match the season in which it’s sent. You can expect clean and fresh scents for the upcoming spring seasons. This means that as the flowers start to bloom and the snow melts away, you can enjoy beautiful aromas to remind you of new life.

After spring has ended, you can seamlessly transition into summer with the scents from Wicksly. You’ll never be without a candle to go with your mood and with the weather. Wicksly uses only soy wax made of completely non-toxic materials. They’re crafted by hand in the USA and support the American farm industry. The soy wax can retain its scent for much longer than other types of wax, which means you’ll enjoy them for longer.

The Bottom Line

One of the best things about floral scented candles is that you can enjoy the lovely scents of spring without worrying about allergies. Pollen allergies are amongst the most common, along with dust and grass.

Our philosophy is that you should be able to enjoy a luxury candle whenever you want. Our candles are designed to coexist with you for the entire month, no matter the season. Each month you have the opportunity to try a new scent and discover your new favorite fragrance.

Wicksly comes in one, three, six, and twelve-month pre-paid plans. You can pick whichever one is right for you or give the gift of Wicksly to a special someone.

We know life is short, so why not burn a great candle?



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