Luxury Candles: What Makes a Candle Luxury?

There are a lot of candles out there to choose from. But how do you find one that will actually last? Read more about quality candles and where to get them from Wicksly.


Candles are great for relaxation. We don’t think anyone has ever entered a room with a lit candle and felt more stress. Even though just about any candle can brighten your mood, not every candle is a luxury experience. So what makes a candle luxury? Let’s discuss.


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Not All Candles Are Created Equal

Some candles that you can buy at the store may look beautiful but lack in quality. The container it comes in could be gorgeous, yet when you light it, there’s no scent present. A true luxury candle will backup its beautiful, sumptuous packaging with ingredients that are on the same level.

A lot of cheap candles are made with low-quality ingredients, making them harder to enjoy. They might be difficult to light or burn far too fast. A lot of companies create candles with the only goal is making a profit, so they’re not really worrying about the wax that they use or the fragrance oils that they’re infusing into the candle.

It can be hard to spot a candle that is worth the money. There are a couple of things you can look for in a candle to figure out if it is quality. Whether or not a candle is considered luxury starts at the beginning of the crafting process.

Factors That Go Into Making A Quality Candle

In many ways, a luxury candle is determined by the way it is crafted. Creating a decent candle is a process that takes years to perfect. The fragrance, wick, and wax all play a role in making luxurious candles.

The most important part of the process is perfecting the fragrance. If a candle doesn’t have a pleasant smell, then there is little to no reason to buy it. More important, however, is the quality of the fragrance oil that is used. A luxury candle will have clean, fresh fragrance oils that will give the candle a strong throw. The value of a candle is determined by the quality of ingredients used, and the fragrance oil is perhaps the most important of all.

The candle wick is a vital part of creating a luxury candle. Ensuring that the candle will burn evenly is all dependent upon the wick. Choosing a wick with a clean burn will help reduce the smell that occurs when candles are put out as well. Quality candles also require regular trimming to keep the wick at the proper length for burning.

Wax is another factor that is essential to making a quality candle. There are many types of wax to choose from when manufacturing candles. Each one offers its own benefits and set of drawbacks, although soy is one of the best options out there. Blending the wax properly is another aspect to consider in this process. The way the wax and the fragrance burn together will determine your overall candle experience.

A Sensory Experience

Placing a luxurious candle in your home or office space can completely transform the room. Candles are meant to engage the senses as they burn. Not just your sense of smell, but sight and touch too. It’s a candle maker’s job to design and cater this experience to the customer’s desires. When you light a luxury candle, it should make you feel special.

For this reason, you do want your candle to look beautiful as well. A truly luxurious candle adds to the ambiance of the room, both through the scents that it throws off and it’s gorgeous positioning wherever you choose to place it. It’s a combination of home decor and aromatherapy.

Candles can be used to help reduce feelings of anxiety and improve your mood. It’s one of the oldest and most effective relaxation methods. Some of the best aromas for reducing stress are lavender, sage, orange, lemon, and eucalyptus. The mesmerizing quality of candles makes them perfect for any routine that you have in place to wind you down.

Feeling more relaxed can improve your quality of sleep and provide you with more energy as a result. Lighting a candle while you take a bath, read a book, or meditate can be just what you need to set the right mood.

How To Make Luxury Candles Last

Luxury candles aren’t just about the manufacturing process; they’re also about upkeep. If you want nice candles to last longer, you have to take proper care of them.

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you are burning a candle for the first time, don’t extinguish the flame until a full pool of wax has developed on the surface. Wax tends to melt in the same pattern that it has been burned in, and if it was done so unevenly the first time, the candle might never recover.

The next thing you can do to keep your candle burning for as long as possible is keeping the wicks trimmed.This will keep the flame bright and help burn the candle evenly. Crooked wicks can result in excessively high flames and smoke. Keep the wick at about a quarter of an inch high for the best results.

Candles should also be kept out of direct air currents. This includes fans, vents, or open windows. When air hits a candle, it can produce messy soot, and unburned carbon pieces can escape into the air. Try to keep debris out of the candle, too, as this can disturb the wax and prevent it from distributing the fragrance.

Luxury At An Affordable Price

The odds are that you won’t find a good candle for three dollars. You usually get what you pay for, and this is certainly true for candles. However, it shouldn’t cost you hundreds of dollars to experience the sweet aroma of a quality-made candle.

That’s why Wicksly created our candle subscription. We ship a new candle to your house each month made with only the best ingredients. Each candle is five ounces and can burn for up to 40 hours. It’s a lot of luxury packed into a small package. The fragrances are hand-poured and made with the finest essential oils for maximum scent throw. The candles are also created in the USA and are non-toxic and lead-free.

Why Choose A Candle Subscription

So why would you want to subscribe to a candle delivery service every month? How often do you actually get around to going candle shopping? The answer is probably not as often as you’d like to. We tend to use the same years-old candles in our homes and hope they do the trick. We want our homes to smell nice, but it’s always a “too little, too late” thought.

Sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us any time to shop for something like candles. Wicksly takes the work out of buying new candles to elevate your home. It arrives at your doorstep each month with an exciting new fragrance. Wicksly also makes an excellent gift for someone you love.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to spice up your self-care and hosting skills, Wicksly is for you. Our candles embody everything that is simple yet elegant. Any room you place it in will instantly thank you.



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