Best Ways To Use A Monthly Candle Subscription

There are a lot of ways to use a candle from a Wicksly subscription box. Read more to find the best one for your home.


Candles have been around for centuries as a source of lighting. But after humans invented the lightbulb, candles stuck around and became more of a decoration. All over the world, candles are beloved for their heavenly scents and ability to set any space’s mood. In a candle subscription box, you get the full candle experience without any of the hassles!


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What Is A Candle Box Subscription?

We’re sure you’ve heard of other types of subscription boxes available—they seem to be everywhere these days. At the click of a button, you can subscribe to a scheduled delivery of nearly anything, from clothes to plants. Candle box subscriptions are no different, and they show up at your door every month so that you never have to leave the house.

In some cases, candle subscription boxes ship you a factory produced candle that you could probably buy in stores for seven dollars. At Wicksly, this is not the case. Every candle sent to your home is handcrafted and hand-poured.

When you subscribe to Wicksly, you get a different scented candle each month. They’re 100% soy candles made with non-toxic wax and lead-free wicks. Every candle you receive is five ounces and burns for up to 40 hours. Each one is made with the most refined essential oils and produced in the USA.

Why Would You Subscribe To A Candle Box?

There are plenty of reasons to consider when looking into why you should get a candle subscription service. Let’s take a look at a few of the top answers.

It’s Convenient For You

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons to get a candle box every month. When the package arrives at your doorstep, it saves you the time it would take to buy a candle. We all know how tiring it can be to take a trip to the mall or the local craft store, especially if you weren’t planning on going out at all.

It usually takes about three hours out of your day that most people can’t afford to lose out on. A lot of stores limit their candle selections depending on the season or day of the week, meaning you probably won’t find the scent you want. Wicksly only takes a few minutes to sign up for, and you’ll be enjoying new quality-scented candles every four weeks.

Enjoy Curated Scents

Many people like to try out new types of scents but find it difficult to fall in love with one at the store. You go from candle to candle, often confusing your nose in the process. By the end of the trip, you don’t even remember which ones you liked.

At Wicksly, you never have to worry about overwhelming your sense of smell with hundreds of scent profiles. Each month is a new scent that’s designed to match the season. Every candle’s aroma is carefully selected by our team.

Smell For Each Season

Each season makes us feel a different way, and in turn, we long for scents that remind us of that time of year. Wicksly uses the seasons to inspire our sense of smell. They use foods, flowers, and scenery to create the scent profile of each candle.

In the springtime, you’ll enjoy fresh scents, and in the summer, you’ll get to experience garden-smelling candles. In the fall, you’ll get warmth and in the winter, cozy scents.

How To Use A Monthly Candle Subscription

The possibilities for your candle box from Wicksly are endless. One of the best parts of a candle subscription is the freedom it gives you as far as placement. Here are some of the best ways to use your monthly candle subscription.

Spice Up Your Living Room

This is the area of the house that people love to be in. It’s usually where the television is and where families gather to play games and laugh together. What better way to improve the quality of this space than with a candle? Any scent added to a living room will bring positive energy and warmth, allowing for a better connection with your loved ones.

Decorate The Kitchen

If you live in a house with a lot of people, odds are someone is always cooking. There’s nothing better than entering a room full of spices and amazing home-cooked food. Adding a candle to this space will step up your kitchen’s environment several notches (or it can get rid of that fishy smell from your roommate’s salmon last week—either way).

Candles in the kitchen make the room feel homier. It can even offset not-so-great smells in the kitchen coming from the garbage or the sink. Place a candle on your kitchen table as a centerpiece while you and your family eat dinner.

Relax In The Bedroom

The perfect way to end a long and stressful day is with a candle on your bedside table. It enhances the coziness of your room and makes the space smell amazing. To unwind before falling asleep, light a candle and curl up with a good book.

On a rainy day where you stay in bed all day, you can light a candle while you look out your window. Candles can also be a romantic addition to an evening with your partner. Place a few candles in the room surrounding your bed, keeping them a safe distance from your sheets and blankets.

A Little Something For The Bathroom

The bathroom is often a neglected space for decoration. People often put a hand towel and a plant on the sink and call it a day. Adding a candle to your bathroom can significantly improve the atmosphere. Not only will it help disperse odors coming from the toilet, but it will also make your guests feel more welcome.

In The Entrance To Your Home

What better way to start on the right foot than with a candle in the doorway? Whenever someone enters your home, the first thing they’ll notice is how wonderful your house smells. This puts people in a better mood and lets them forget about their worries from the day.

Place a candle from your subscription box on a shelf near your front door where people will be able to see it right away. This elevates your space in their mind to somewhere they really want to be.

Summertime Fun

During the warmer weather, people love to gather in their backyards for a dip in the pool or a delicious barbeque. When you add a candle to this space, it brings people together to enjoy both nature and fresh, floral Wicksly aromas.

Home Office Or Real Office

Spending the majority of your day at your desk can be a drag, especially when you’re stuck in the same chair and in the monotony of work. When you light a candle in your office, it lifts your spirits. It could even encourage productivity while your nose enjoys the carefully curated scent.

The Bottom Line

When you decide to buy a monthly candle subscription like Wicksly, you’ll never grow tired of one smell. So try placing them in different rooms of your house during different times of the year to change up the feeling of the space without spending thousands on a remodel!


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