What To Do With Old Candle Jars?

Saying goodbye to an old candle is tough, but luckily there are plenty of ways to reuse the jar that’ll help with organization in your home!

We’ve all been there before. The flame dies out for the last time on your favorite candle, and you have to say your final farewell to the sweet aroma. But just because your candle’s life is over doesn’t mean you have to throw it away! Candle jars can be repurposed in hundreds of ways, and a lot of them will help you declutter all your spaces.

How To Know When Your Candle Is Burnt Out

Before you go dumping the remaining wax out of your candle, you should learn the signs of a candle that can no longer be burned. When there is about half an inch of wax at the bottom of the jar, it’s a good time to stop.

There can still be a little bit of wax leftover when you get rid of the remnants. If you let your candle burn below this buffer, it can become dangerous and make the container overheat and even burn the surface it's on.

To get the most out of your candle before it's finished, try to keep up with trimming your wick. They should be approximately a quarter of an inch long and trimmed before every burn. When your wick is too long, it can deposit debris into the wax and lead to uneven burning.

Speaking of uneven burning, it’s also essential to handle your wax pool correctly. Letting the melted wax pool all the way to the edge of the candle is critical in preventing tunneling. This will help you waste less wax and burn your candle for as long as possible.

What Can Candle Jars Be Used For?

Before we get into how to clean out your candle jar to reuse it, let’s discuss how to repurpose them. These are just a few ideas, so feel free to come up with your own as well!

A New Candle

This might be the most obvious way to reuse a candle jar since you’re essentially just refilling it. Making your own candle using an old candle jar is a great way to save on resources and make it last a long time. You’ll need to purchase a new wick for your candle and make sure that all the old wax is removed before starting this DIY.

Drinking Glass

Frequently, candle jars are made out of beautifully designed glass that can withstand high temperatures. This makes them perfect for hot or cold drinking containers. You can use these when guests come over or when you’re by yourself to feel fancy and sophisticated.

Office Supplies

If you’re looking for a cute and easy way to store things like pens, pencils, or paperclips in your office, you can use an old candle jar. This makes decluttering simple and adds a bit of decor to an otherwise boring space. Your utensils will always be in reach, and you’ll never lose your favorite pen again.

A Planter

Using a candle jar for a plant is a unique way to have a green thumb. These can be repurposed for a cactus, succulent, or another type of indoor plant. Your jar will look perfect on any window sill and add an aesthetic to any room. Just don’t use a candle jar for plants that need drainage at the bottom.

Pet Treats

Instead of spending money on an overpriced pet food container at the store, why not use an old candle jar? This works especially well for candles that came with lids so that you can close the treats and prevent them from being stolen by your furry friend. You can even decorate the jar with your pet’s name to make it theirs!

If you’re looking for a funky and cool way to hold or store basically anything, candle jars are the way to go. They work as a container for most things that need a place to live.

How To Repurpose A Candle Jar

Reusing a candle jar is fairly easy, as long as you take the right steps to remove all the wax and clean the container. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

The first thing you can do is remove all the stickers and labels from the container. If this will be decoration, you don’t want any residue of the old candle jar on your repurposed container. This can be done using hot water and olive oil. It might take a little bit of elbow grease, but if you keep scrubbing, it will come off.

The next thing you want to do is get all the wax out. This can be done in a few different ways. The first is in the freezer. Plae your candle in the freezer for a few hours or until the wax is frozen. Once it is, you can use a butter knife to gently remove the wax from the jar. To remove the debris, wet a paper towel and wipe it out.

The other option is to use a double boiler. Fill up a bowl with water that has been boiled and set the candle in it for a few minutes. This should detach the wax from the container and make it easy to remove and then wash. Don’t forget to remove the wick holder at the bottom.

If you don’t want to throw away the leftover wax, set it aside. It can be used in a candle wax warmer or for a number of other purposes. The last step is to thoroughly clean the container with soap and water once the wax is gone. It’s also important to make sure the jar is completely dry before you reuse it.

Benefits Of Upcycling

Reusing candle jars is a form of upcycling, which is hugely beneficial to the environment. By doing this, you’re saving materials from ending up in a landfill. In the process, this reduces air pollution, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. It also conserves global resources.

Upcycling reduces the costs of manufacturing and helps you do your part for the earth. Plus, upcycling makes for unique, one-of-a-kind projects that only you have.

DIY Your Candle Jars Into New Candles

If you’d like to turn your old candle into a new one, you’ll need a few materials. This includes your repurposed container, a wick, and some wax. We recommend using soy or beeswax because these are the most environmentally friendly types of wax that are clean burning.

You’ll start by melting your wax in a pot and preparing your vessel with a wick. Once the wax is melted, pour your wax into the container and let it cool. Once it is hardened, you can clip your wick to the proper length and then enjoy your new candle!

Other Options

If making candles isn’t your thing, don’t worry. We’re here to tell you that there’s a way to get ethically sourced candles delivered automatically to you. Wicksly provides candles to you each month without you ever having to leave your home.

All of our candles are made with soy wax and are non-toxic because we care about your health. They’re made right in the USA by hand, and the scents are carefully curated for you.

The Bottom Line

Reusing candle jars is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and do a fun at-home craft. It’s easy to turn an old, burnt-out candle into something new again that can be used for years to come.


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